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sponsored by Ulster Savings Bank

With locations all over the mid-Hudson Valley

Phone: 1-866-440-0391


Ulster Savings Bank



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There are two great players to choose from, both of which show the artist and title of the song playing.



Click here to launch our 32k AAC stream player.

If you have trouble with this player in Windows 7 with Firefox or Chrome browsers, try using Internet Explorer.

A great option, whether you're using an iPhone, Android phone, or a computer, is  You may need an external player to play the stream this way, but you can use iTunes or Winamp...both great and both free!


Alternately, you can load Winamp, click on the Add URL button, and put in one of the following:



Itunes is basically the same....load the program, go to Advanced/Open Stream, and put in one of the two links above.  The stream should start immediately.



Windows Media Player


Still using Windows Media Player?

Try this link:


Got a smartphone?

iPhone app

Click here for a link to help you stream WKZE from iPhone!

Android Phone app


Click here from your Android phone to find our Android app on the Google Play Store.

Or install the app to your smartphone from your computer!  Yes that works too!  Just click the link above.

Or, from your phone or computer, load Google Play Store and search for WKZE!

iPhone owners...if you have any trouble with the instructions, click here and try this link!


Having trouble getting the stream to work?  Contact WKZE at, or call 1-866-393-9810 during regular business hours.




How to purchase the music you hear on KZE


Most KZE listeners turn to our playlist because they’re interested in buying some of the music they hear on the radio or on the stream. And now there’s an easy way to do just that. Click here and an email will open addressed to In your email, be sure to include your name and phone number, and Oblong Books and Music will call you back within 24 hours. When they do, you simply give them your billing information and your credit card number, and they will ship the CDs you want to your door. What could be easier? You click, they ship!  Thanks for listening to 98.1 KZE and for supporting local businesses like Oblong Books And Music!

Requests and Ticket Giveaways: 1-845-758-9811

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