Anthology Reading and Mural Exhibit at Olive

02/23/2014 - 3:00pm
02/23/2014 - 5:00pm

Contributors to the recently published anthology titled Spell Breaking: Remembered

Ways of Being will read and sign books at Olive Free Library on Sunday, February

23 at 3:00 p.m. The Traveling Mural of Community Dreams will be on display in the

library’s community room from February 13 through March 13 to accompany the


West Shokan, NY –Spell Breaking: Remembered Ways of Being is a stirring collection of stories

featuring the fresh voices of twenty members of an international Women's Mysteries

community. The reader travels with these eclectic women through intimate spaces and

territories ranging from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the shores of Long Island to

Egypt, South America, Canada, Italy and the heart of Native America.

The potency of Yoruba ritual, the grief of loss, the awakening of creativity and life purpose,

the renewal of resolve and the transcendence of life-threatening illness are some of the many

themes explored in the book. Feelings, dreams, and memories illuminate the often harrowing

process of "Spell Breaking" that can lead to a special kind of satisfaction, the remembering

of deep and essential "ways of being".

Edited by Ione and published by Deep Listening, this work has grown out of an

international program of workshops that is called the Ministry of Maat. Contributors

include: Ione; Ximena Alarcón; Lisa Barnard Kelley; Sangeeta Laura Biagi; Sadee Brathwaite;

Monique Buzzarté; Carol Chappell; Liz Gessner; Heloise Gold; Andrea Goodman; Jaclyn

Heyen; Andrea Israel; Rachel Koenig; Amshatar "Ololodi" Monroe; Pauline Oliveros; Shirley

Parker-Benjamin; Mary Elizabeth Thunder; Julia White; Anne Hemenway; and Julie Winter.

The Dream Festival is an international celebration of dreams and dreamers curated

by Ione. Going on its 16th year, this global community event includes artwork,

performances and workshops by world-class artists, everyday dreamers and inspired

beings. In 2013 the festival included a community art project to create a visual tapestry of

dreams created by the local community of artists of all ages from amateur to professional.

The 2013 Dream Festival, held from October to December 2013, included three free

workshops at O+ Festival, R&F Paints, and Deep Listening Space in Kingston. Deep

Listening Institute staff helped participating dreamers create a piece of dream art on a 5”

square canvas panel (materials provided). They also invited professsional artists to participate

using their own mediums. The resulting mural is comprised of 64 panels created by dreamers

throughout Ulster and Dutchess Counties, including students from Kingston High School

and festival-goers to this year’s O+ Festival.

Requests and Ticket Giveaways: 1-845-758-9811

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