Part One of “American Photography: Images of the 20th Century”

05/15/2013 - 7:30pm

On Wednesday, May 15 at 7:30, the Greene County Camera Club will host a free showing of Part One of “American Photography: Images of the 20th Century” at the Athens Cultural Center.  It is the story of the pictures we have taken and where they have taken us.  The series traces the profound effect photographs have had on American Life-influencing what we buy, how we dress, how we get the news and in matters of life and death, medicine, science and war. Whether it’s the evocative art photography of Edward Weston, the first image of a fragile Earth taken from space, glamorous photographs of the latest fashions, a Dorothea Lange look at a bread line during the Great Depression, or a powerful World War II image by Robert Capa, the program captures the images of a century of change and the role the camera has played in bother documenting and creating it.  Dramatic and intimate stories trace photography’s role as a recorder of public events, family history, vehicle for artistic expression, and   tool for influencing public opinion. The Greene County Camera Club enjoys teaching and sharing photographic skills with the community.  Its’ members embrace all approaches to photographic technology. Not restricted to Greene County residents, the club furthers the interest, education and social benefits of photography offering three meetings every month. For more information, contact Nora Adelman at (518) 945-2866 or  The Greene County Camera Club website,, offers details about the meetings, photography information and works by Club members. The Athens Cultural Center is located at 24 Second Street just off Route 385.  The entrance to the Athens Municipal Parking Lot is on Franklin Street. Information about exhibits, classes, performances and events of the Athens Cultural Center can be found at

Requests and Ticket Giveaways: 1-845-758-9811

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